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A sub-company of Remax

Wasana Mobiles is one of the well-known and sought-after mobile phones and accessories sellers which dominates both retail and wholesale markets under the relevant context around the city of Kurunegala since 2016. Due to the unbreakable loyalty we could receive from our customers by providing them with high quality products and services, we have managed to blossom into a well-established organization with the passage of time. Our organization consists of a staff which is responsible for conducting an ethical business catering to the needs of every discerning user. These factors have contributed in the significant and the dramatic growth of our business within a couple of years since the establishment.

With the advancement of the cutting edge technology, the maintenance and the manipulation of new mobile devices can be an uphill task and as a result users often become overwhelmed with the devices they purchase. Due to this we try explaining every bit of detail to the customer if a repair is needed for a device purchased. This is because we value the transparency by making customer realize that we charge exclusively for the quality service we render without misleading them.

It is our utmost happiness to own an experienced and a customer focused team of salesmen responsible for suggesting the best matching mobile phones which meet all the requirements specified by the customer. We also proudly own an inventory rich with a wide variety of mobile phones and related devices from well-known brands owning full warranty by the manufacturers. Our sales team is consisted of an experienced and skilled set of individuals owning a rich knowledge regarding devices with state of art technology and they are capable of guiding the customers for a quick start.

Wasana Mobiles is responsible for bringing the latest Power bank and accessories closer to you at the best price possible with our proud customer service. We assure bringing you an impartial guide to the latest and greatest in mobile technology – mobile phone, accessories and the best contracts to go with them while making sure that our customers are very well satisfied. This is the reason why this website is launched.

Our utter desire is to render a high-quality service that spontaneously reminds you of Wasana mobiles when you plan to purchase your successor mobile device.


Being the sole name to be remembered when your mobile phone demands either any appendage or a replacement or to be set right.


To be in full swing and render a passionate service to the customers becoming the best retail and wholesale mobile accessaries and delivery partner while making good use of the state of art technology to empower Sri Lankans from generation to generation.


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